Chip puller Hint

You may find this a useful tool to remove chips from breadboards.
Pry the chip partly up one side then other.
Warning, don’t be too aggressive or you may bend pins.

Screw drivers work but this has the benefit of being shaped like a wedge and can be slid under the chip to slowly lift the I.C.

7-15-2013 9-40-49 AM.png

That link asks for my post code so I didn't see the product but I think I know the thing you mean, yes they would be good for that.

There's another useful tool for removing chips from sockets/breadboards, it's called a "small flat-blade screw driver with the end bent".


This worked for me today:

I'll file that away for future reference.


Very quick.

small flat headed screw driver, and just twist until it pops up, repeat at the other end..

then simply slide the screwdriver in flat until it starts to give a bit of resistance, repeat other end..... use fingers and pull it out.

That link asks for my post code

No, it asks for a Canadian post code

I did not test Santa Claus' post code, though ( H0H 0H0 )

And removing a staple is harder but a similar task, so the same tool should work. (I got a flat screw driver, but no dedicated Canadian staples remover shoehorn)