Cleaning up power distribution

I’m in the “clean it up and get it to fit into the enclosure” phase of developing my arduino-based 16-step sequencer/synth. Currently power/gnd lines for the 6 processors, 2 LED strips, 7 GPIO boards, etc, etc are connected using wirenuts as shown. This makes it hard to reconfigure connections; there must be a better way. Suggestions? Pointers to specific connectors that you’d recommend? Thanks!

Start with schematic/ block diagram, screw PCB board to plastic or metal sheet, using PCB Stand-off Spacer.

Use solid 20 AWG wire, they keept shape.

Two suggestions: backplane, spirawrap.

[ and lose the wirenuts! ]

And that wiring is acceptable for a “valve” PA amplifier, but not for digital electronics either. :roll_eyes:

Another suggestion, keep the various power and ground wires the same color for the same voltages.
I think I see a tan, orange and red wires in the middle wire nut, then other red and yellow wires in in the rightmost one.

Cut the red wire…


I use the Ideal lever connectors. They come in 2,3, and 5 way.
They allow you to easily play around and rearrange the wiring.
There are other makes.

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