Cnc machine with arduino and adafruit motorshield v.1 not working.

Im trying to make 2 axis cnc drawing machine but motors is only moving very little steps (0,05mm) instead of 4cmx4cm scale when code is running. im using cd drive stepper motors like this project ->

"arduino" is chinese copy ATmega328P CH340G UNO R3 Board :

and motorshield is chinese copy of adafruit motorshield v.1. It is h-bridge l293d. :

I have uploaded (with arduino ide) code that "teach" arduino to understand g-code. When i start g code motors is only moving very little steps. What is recommended voltage for cd drive stepper motors? Can i edit scale from "idle code" or g-code?

What program are you using on the Arduino?

If it is an off-the-shelf program perhaps it has a website to answer your questions.

If it is a program you wrote yourself please post it here, or attach it if it is too long.


code is in attachment.

GcodeCNCDemo2Axis.ino (8.73 KB)

Check out this website where your code comes from: