CNC project

hi all
i am planing on do an CNC project on an kids magnetic board like the one below.

i have already made and CNC before using grbl and milling wood from designs using inkscape.

but for this project i want it to send the in a loop (to repeat itself) like drawing an image on the kids magnetic board, the erasing it using the swipping thingy and drawing again. hope u all get an idea of what i am say.

so how should i do it.
There are 2 options in my mind

  1. by using a secound arduino with sd card. but will requrie masive coding.
  2. by using a pc which sent the gcode and keeps repeating it in a loop.

so wat should i do.

thanks for read this

ShapeOko: Headless CNC

i got this its pefect but i details.
any knows this

I suspect there is a way to make GCode repeat a set of instructions - that may be the simplest option if you can figure it out. It probably only needs a small change to the GCode. But, of course, that would continuously repeat the same drawing - which may not be what you want.

If the PC system that you mentioned is an option then that is the one I would choose.

This isn't really an Arduino question and you may get better advice on some of the CNC forums.