CNC Shield V3 not powering the Arduino Uno

Installed a new CNC shield V3 onto a new Arduino Uno and verified it was installed correctly . I have 12 volts (verified Pos and Neg installed correctly) to the the CNC shield power connector but can not get a voltage reading to the DRV8825 drivers (tested drivers on another board and they worked fine) and the LED’s on the Arduino are not lit up.

  1. Does the CNC shield power the Arduino and should the LED be lit up or does the Arduino need a seperate power source? (LED’s light up when the Arduino powered directly)

  2. Any thoughts on why I can not get a Vref voltage reading on the drivers when installed correctly on the CNC shield?

Please post a link to the CNC shield that you are using

The Shield does NOT power the Arduino and there is a very good reason for that as some are capable of up to 48 volts which would kill the Arduino underneath it.

You talk to the shield via a USB cable that also supplies the ARduino with the power it needs.

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