color picker

I need to buy a color picker weel to control an rgb led. I don't need it in an app, I need a "solid input", like those that are on the remote controls... exists this thing for arduino? Can you give me a link where I can buy it? Thanks
Lorenzo From Italy

exists this thing for arduino?

No, not that I have seen.

you could get one of these

but, im not sure if you can place a covering over the top of it so that you print the rgb wheel on top of it.

Thank you for the quick reply... i think i will search something like the circle potentiometer... thank

hello friend.Try this Hope you wll get your answer.
If you dont get answer then i will tell you other source where you can get solution.

Hia Atwater!
I think i will buy the circle Potentiometer (
I want yo know only ome thing: can I print/glue the color circle (like this on it?