Combine 2 programs

Hello together,

I am an newbie on the Arduino. Want to combine these two programs for my Arduino Leonardo:

Could someone help me with this? I would be very grateful.



Thank you for your reply!!

I don´t understand the difference between *.h, *.cpp and *.ino.
Where can I find the selected pins?

After Installation of "GitHub - AM-STUDIO/Analog-E-Brake: Analog E Brake Handbrake for Sim Racing" I saw this in my devices:

In the *.ino is only the "Schubkontrolle" inside. Now I want to add the X-,Y-, and Z-Axis and some Buttons.

When I install the "GitHub - functionreturnfunction/G27_Pedals_and_Shifter: Arduino USB interface for Logitech G27 Pedals and Shifter" I saw this:

The "Schubkontrolle" is missing. :frowning:

Thans for your help!!!

A Google search for "combine Arduino sketches" yields many tutorials on the subject.

This wouln´d help a newbie.

You should only be merging the .ino files, normally, unless the there are conflicts in the other files that must be resolved.

Post your best effort, along with your observations.

I’ll try it sometime if I have a lot of time. :wink: