Commercialize Arduino + Ethernet Shield Project

I have a project I started with an Arduino and the ethernet shield. The end result is a product that could be sold that provides a service. Is there any option that I can use that would be a more commercial board that has ethernet capabilities?

Is there any option that I can use that would be a more commercial board that has ethernet capabilities?

Any? Sure. What are the constraints?

I need 10 Digital and 5 Analog I/Os. But the big thing is that I need the ethernet capability.

Uh, constraint meant what about size and cost. I made the (apparently wrong) assumption you met your project's commercial requirements.

I would need around 1,000 units every year for around 5 years+. The unit could be a little larger in size, but it would be nice to keep it as small or smaller. My question really related to cost. If there is not an option that costs less, then the Arduino and Ethernet shield are fine. I've seen a few people say that if large quantities are needed then other options would cost less.


Why not produce your own boards then? Here's an example that is a FRACTION of the cost and is ethernet capable.

I have recently built that very project and found it quite easy to use. Unfortunately its not the same chip set as the Arduino Ethernet shield, however the Microchip ENC 28J60 is a capable chip.

This looks like a great solution, but I don't have the time or energy to figure out how to make these control boards or produce them. Is there any company that sells them or something like this?


We make money out of people like you :slight_smile:

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What about this board: If you really need 1000 per year you could negotiate the price. Do not be fooled by their number of IO / analog pins statement. This applies only if you use it with their software. If you flash it differently it will most probably meet your requirements.

You could use the wiznet module (Compliant WIZnet W5100 Network Module with Mag Jack - WIZ811MJ, Sparkfun DEV-09473) or the Sparkfun Ethernet Pro - DEV-10536
which would have teh ethernet and 328 on 1 board.

I really like the idea of using the Ethernet Pro found here (Ethernet Pro - DEV-10536 - SparkFun Electronics). 1 thing I liked about the Arduino was I could use male and female adapters to plug things in without soldering anything. Is there a breakout board, or has anyone found a way to get reliable connections without the time it takes to solder things to this board?

Thanks for all the help!