Communication with the computer

Hi Everyone

I want to send some data from the Arduino board to the computer.
Can anyone tell me about the possible ways to accomplish it?

I heard that we can use the hiperterminal for this… But how to use that facility?

Thanks for the help!

Searched for "serial" and came up with the reference page on Serial.Print(). You open the serial port on ardunio and open up your terminal program, setting the baud rate to be the same.

Also see this:

Thanks for the reply.

but i dont know how to use hiperterminal. I have set up a connection named Arduino on the same serial port which the arduino is using. Is there any example available so that i can see the data transfer from arduino to hiperterminal.

Make sure you are using the same baud rate in hyperterminal ("Bits per second") and arduino (set with Serial.begin(...)). Other settings in hyperterminal: - data bits: 8 - parity: none - stop bits: 1 - flow control: none

PS The serial monitor in Arduino IDE is a good replacement for hyperterminal.