Compile freezes error codes

New to arduino. Downloaded ZIP file installation to use on Windows Vista SP2. Opened the blink sketch and when i click compile/verify i get a list of errors. I am not sure if I did something wrong or missed something. I did manage to get my (apparently knockoff) DCcEle UNO installed and recognized on port “COM3” but no luck with compile before or after that. Any help that hopefully leads to a functional system is much appreciated.

Please copy the error full text and paste it here. Note that the output window where the error text shows is scrollable, so go to the top and select everything.

I don't know which IDE version you have downloaded. You can try an older version from Arduino - OldSoftwareReleases, possibly 1.6.6 or slightly newer; the links marked 'Windows' are the standalone version like you have tried.

Looking at the error message, I don't think that I can help you further.

Cool. Version 1.6.9 works without errors. Compile and uploaded the blink sketch and working. Thanks for recommending that. Maybe the newer version does not like outdated pc?

Woohoo it works. First little project thats more than a blinky light. Still waiting for the kit i ordered. But i got a 80s Cadillac fuel milage LED display multiplexed after i tested for the pinout. Odd how they used a 4 digit with only enough pins to run 3 numbers and 1 decimal. No other pins left to use any other decimals or the first digit. . thanks again for referring a older arduino ide program. Worked wonders.