Confusion with assembler code for DTMF-encoder

Dear community

I recreated a DTMF dialer based on a schematic from this site:DTMF Phone Dialer . In terms of hardware everything works so far. Only: Of course, the tones don't match the numbers of the keypad because I have a different keyboard than the one used in the diagram.

I've tried changing the code several times in order to match the buttons to the tones (unfortunately I'm not allowed to upload *.asm). I always changed the hex addresses in "KBD_SCAN_SPEED" at the beginning of the code. Then at the end in "LookupDTMFPins" the order of the binary addresses were changed according to my hex changes.
But I just can't get it done. I'm actually pretty lost. Also because I have no experience with assembler language. I checked whether the input and the output tone match with a app-based DTMF decoder)

Inputs for the correct outputs are very welcome. Thank you!

unfortunately I'm not allowed to upload *.asm)

But you could attach a .txt file if the code size prevents posting it directly

Yes, of course. Thanks for the advice. Here attached the txt-file.

HandDialer.txt (8.68 KB)

Do you mean HandheldDialer.asm? That is source code for a PIC16F690 microcontroller. Are you asking the Arduino forum to troubleshoot your PIC sourcecode?

Arduino DTMF C/C++ code for both encoding and decoding was posted long ago. You can find it on line.

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