connect ground and reset pins mega2560

hi everybody.

Can i connect the ground and reset pins of the 2560 , in order to bypass the processor ?

i need to use the arduino as usb interface for the xbee explorer regulated that does not come with usb socket ,(for setting of the xbee).
i know and seen this done withw the uno.

Yes, you can connect Reset to Gnd and make all the IO pins become inputs to allow the 16U2 to talk to another device without the 2560 interfering.

thanks! :smiley:


i have connected ground to reset on arduino (hacked the mega 2560)

5v to 5v on xbee
gnd to gnd om xbee
Din xbee > rx0 on arduino
Dout xbee>tx0 on arduino

when i scan for the xbee on the xctu , it does not find the xbee.

arduino is found on com3 according to the xctu.

(the rx led on arduino blinks form time to time the tx is dead)

L is on all the time.

any idea what have i done wrong to try and program the xbee.

i am new to the whole matter.



i have tried now talking to the xbee through setup(){begin serial 9600} , and tried sendin +++ through serial console , but appart from arduino rx led blinking , the xbee s2 is mute and unresponsive.

i have 2 items which i checked to verify its not a faulty unit,

as described i feed the xbee through regulated explorer , over mega 2560 gnd , 5V dout din ,

what can be wrong here ?


xctu on hacked mode does not find the xbee , tried swapping tx rx ports just for case also