Connect nodemcu to tft-3.95 touch lcd(ili9488 from mcufriend) with tft_eSPI

Hi I want connect nodemcu module to tft-3.95 touch lcd(Uno shield)(ili9488 from mcufriend) with tft_eSPI library. I don't know how to connect pins together. i want use esp8266 core for increase the speed of showing image and ... thanks.

You can't.

Mcufriend Uno shields are 8080-8 parallel. The ESP8266 does not have enough GPIO pins.

An ESP32 has enough pins but it is a waste to use parallel.

Buy a proper SPI display. Use TFT_eSPI library with ESP8266.


Thank you so much David.


ISP display is faster?(Especially for loading image from sd card and show)(my problem) the touch is working ?

& what about " esp32 + tft uno shield (ili9488)" (NodeMCU-32S / WROOM-32 ) (28 pins,about 15 pin is enough for me) fast enough and can i use touch?

There are Red 3.3V SPI displays available in different sizes e.g. 128x128, 128x160, 240x320, 320x480.

240x320 and 320x480 often come with XPT2046 Touch controller and SD cage.

Bodmer's TFT_eSPI library can handle all of these Red displays.

SPI works far better than Parallel. ESP8266 does not havevenugh GPIO pins for parallel.