Connecting a GLCD

So today I've just got a PG 16032-B graphical LCD for free from a friend.
When I came home I immediately tried to hook it up to an arduino mega.
I found no post on how to connect it, but I found the GLCD's documentation. link
But now I'm stumped. I can't find any library that supports this kind of GLCD.
Anyone knows any libraries I can use, or a way to use openGLCD Library with this kind of GLCD. link

Thanks in advance.

The links are not very informative. You need a graphics library that supports SED 1520 chips, or you add code for communication with such chips yourself.

It is not clear if the part you have includes the driver SED 1520. If it has that is the data sheet that tell you how to use it and what to send to it.