Connecting a servo motor to the relay(and arduino)

Hi, I have a question about connecting the relay and the servo motor. Servo that I own is micro servo 9g sg90 and the relay is hw 482. What I am not understanding is how should I connect the servo to the relay, more precisely the servo to the normally open/normally closed terminal. From the various tutorials on the internet I have seen, for example this one:

the guy in the video cuts the (positive?) wire in half, and connects one half to the COM terminal and the other half to either NC or NO terminal. But I do not understand how to connect the servo to the relay. I assume ground servo wire goes to the ground of arduino, and the signal servo wire goes to the digital pin(PWM). Oh and the arduino is uno r3.

Are you just looking to ensure you can power off the relay? Then cut the power line, connect one wire to C and the other to NO; the servo will not be powered until the relay is activated.
Do you want it in most of the time, when the relay s activated? Then use C and NC.

I connect the brown wire to the ground of the arduino, orange to the digital pin, and the red one to the relay. But what I dont get is, where do I connect the red wire. Or rather, I dont understand how I am supposed to connect that 1 red wire to 2 terminals(COM and NC/NO). If I cut it, wont I have two wires where one is connected to the servo and COM, and the other one is only connected to NO, other end being connected to nothing? What am I missing?

Does this make it clear?

You still haven't explained why you want to cut the servo power. I expect you will see some jitter of the servo whenever you turn it off and on.

What I dont understand is where is this end of the wire supposed to be connected to(see attachment).
Well I saw in the specifications of the servo motor that it operates on 4.8v - 6v so thats why I didnt want to connect it directly to the arduino and I also wanted to try using a relay.