Connecting the pH-meter and ORP-meter to the arduino

Hello everyone,

I am new here and have a very modest experience in arduino. I don't even have tiles or anything. I would like help with connecting devices to the arduino.

I have the following meters:

I found something like this, but I totally don't know how to translate it into my problem:

I need to connect them to the arduino in order to be able to operate on the retrieved values afterwards.

As if someone was so nice and helped with it. I will add that I have rather chemical knowledge, and I only programmed in JS, and not much in C ++, so there may also be a problem with the code.

Regards and thank you in advance

It would help a lot if you could find and link to English versions of the sensor data sheets.

Where would the data go? Out a serial port to a PC, display on a character LCD, to a graphic LCD?

pH meter:

ORP meter:

I want to control pumps according to the meters indications. For example:
pH = 7 -> add 5 ml of sth

I see no outputs from either instrument that can be interfaced with a processor. How do you plan to import the data into a program running on an Arduino?

To get some ideas for measuring PH and ORP with an Arduino, Google "measure PH arduino" and
"measure ORP arduino".

To control a pump you will need a motor driver compatible with the motor and a power supply appropriate for the motor. Arduino cannot drive a motor. Arduino can control a motor through a driver. Post specifications of the pump (rated voltage and stall current at a minimum) and we can help with the driver and supply.

Ok, thanks.

But why I cannot check the voltage that the electrodes give me in these cheap meters?

Pumps have 1A 12V per one, and there need to be 4 pumps in this project.

How do you access the voltage? Do you have a circuit schematic that shows where to pick up the voltage?

Is that 1A loaded running current, 1A unloaded current or 1A stall current (which I doubt). You need to know the stall current. You need to know the motor type. Is it a brushed motor, brushless motor, stepper motor. Like I said, a specification or data sheet is what is needed.

About pH meter all is there:

But I don't understand how to connect it

1A direct current and brushed motor

And the project will be finished with other three things:

  • lowering / picking basket made with two small hydraulic jacks
  • solids dosing machine made with stepper motor
  • color tester to test the color of the solution (brown/colorless, only 2 colors)

Any ideas how to apply everything?

Any advices?

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