Connecting wireless camera to arduino

Hi, couple days ago I found my old cheep drone with really nice FPV camera which I can connect with my phone And watch live problem is, I don’t know how to connect it stream etc. but the problem is with connecting it to arduino and I can’t find any tutorial for this kind of Chinese module. My question is:

  1. How to connect it and programme
  2. Is is even possible?

My module: GX W60 V3.5.1
I tested camera in Helicute FPV app

The arduino is not suited to handling video.
Not enough memory. Not enough speed.

Ok thats for help

This reply may be a little late, but yes you can use a FPV camera with Arduino. Programming the camera might bring error. You can use the 3.3v output from the Arduino and the FPV will create a wifi network; here you can connect it to your phone or some app. You don’t need to send any info to the camera for it to work.