Correct wiring of stepper motor and Adafruit Shield v2.3

Hey everyone,

I was unable to find instructions about the wiring from a stepper motor to an Adafruit Shield. I already found the schema of my stepper motor here:

So I know which wire pair belong to a coil (i.e., A+C; and B+D). I can also confirm this using the “resistance trick” (holding the tips of A+C together makes it harder to rotate the motor, same for B+D.). Knowing the wire pairs of my stepper I am wondering at what pair order they should go in the Adafruit shield.

(Colors pairs from top to bottom: Green, Yellow, Gray, Red)

I got five slots, since I have no ground I will just use the outermost slots. This leaves me with the following options:

Green/Yellow or Gray/Red-----○ M1
Green/Yellow or Gray/Red-----○ M1
-----------------------------○ GND
Green/Yellow or Gray/Red-----○ M2
Green/Yellow or Gray/Red-----○ M2

Or does this not matter at all as long as I respect the coil paring; e.g.:

Green------○ M1
Yellow-----○ M1
-----------○ GND
Gray-------○ M2
Red--------○ M2

Thanks for any insight

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