Creating a UGV Robot with surveillance features.

Hi guys, I am a student and have just started using Arduino. I am currently working on a new project on creating a Unmanned Ground Vehicle robot with surveillance features (Wifi camera).

Can anyone give me a guide on the overview of my project? e.g. which Arduino board is recommended, what should i use to control my UGV.

Thank you

No offence but I thought this is your project.

Are you new in arduino? You got any experience using an arduino or it's your 1st time?


Post a list of the general features of the robot (size, weight, number of motors, expected speed) and details of all the sensors it will use to navigate.

Then forum members can recommend a suitable Arduino.

Yes, i am new to Arduino, this is my first time using a Arduino and my knowledge to Arduino is very limited. I am trying to get some help on the materials that i am supposed to get and start on my project. As for now, i have no clue on which part should i start on because there are too many consideration to be considered.

I do not have plan for the UGV's technical specification for now. But my general idea of creating this UGV is mainly for surveillance purpose. The requirements for my project that i have projected are as listed:

  1. Semi-Autonomous (Human Controlled)
  2. Run by Andriod Phone (With bluetooth module)
  3. Added with a Wifi-capability camera

Which Arduino board should i get? And suppose i use Arduino Uno as the selected board, will i be able to fulfill the requirement that i have stated by just adding Bluetooth module and Wifi Shield?

This project is far, far too advanced for a beginner. No Arduino can handle video, for example.

Start by getting any Arduino and working your way through the example programs: blink an LED, make voltage measurements, learn to use the timers and other hardware, etc.


Thank you for your replies.

I have roughly about 6 months to develop this UGV.

WiFi #Video would have to be assigned to the camera as the Arduino cannot serve real time video unfortunately.

Do you mean no Arduino board can support video capturing by any means?

My idea of the UGV is just to transfer the camera/webcam imaging into my computer for surveillance purposes. No sort of video recording is involved. I have seen people uploading their project video related to Arduino integrating with a Wifi camera in Youtube.

Wifi cameras as I know they are connected just to power and transmitting directly to your
computer software or phone if available, you don't need a board that will control the video feed.

About creating a UGV more like a car you can work with a Arduino Uno and H-Bridge to control
the motors direction a L293N will do the job, for radio control the most used here and available
free code is nRF24L01 the small pcb antenna or the Power Amplified ones with the 2db antenna.

You will need ofc 2 arduinos one for the car and one for you to control the car, or if you are experienced
in electronics & pcb you can build your own PCB's and use one arduino just to program the chips.

Would be nice if you can tell us your age and what is this project for.

I provided you with plenty of info to start with something, would be nice as well to give us the
model of your available wifi camera u are using or you are just thinking to buy a wifi camera?
If you think to buy one that's not a good idea there is better options for cameras.

If you just want to record the video just put a camera if you want to have a live video feed then
my suggestion is to get a FPV.

Your welcome.