CTC Program

I am interested in learning more about pricing and availability of the CTC training program. I found the information on the Arduino.cc web site, but I did not find a link for pricing or on how to order.

I am starting a new makerspace environment, and I am looking for some core training tools.

I am going to start with teaching projects using Arduino and RasberryPI, and move into 3D printing and other higher end tools as things progress.


'Its important that you act quick as this offer will not be available for long


The Arduino involvement with the CTC Program seems to be like some other recent announcements: no real content or contacts or costs. Does anyone know of a real contact??

I've been putting educational materials together for electronics and Arduino for several years and I can not find anything real about "CTC"..

A much simpler and low-cost approach may be like THIS:

DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop...

Yes, Where can I get CTC? I can't find any information except an announcement. Bob

I am having the same experience of looking for more in-depth information but can't find any links, etc.

Did anyone ever get back to you?

Hello all,

The CTC 101 is going to be available for US-based customers for pre-order on the online store (https://store.arduino.cc/usa/arduino/arduino-kits/arduino-ctc-kit-101).

Given a classroom of 30 students, the cost per student is less than 70 USD per semester.
If you're based in Europe, Asia or Africa, you can purchase the product through our online store (cost is less than 60 EUR per student in a classroom of 30 per semester). Here is the link.

The program is recommended for a 19 weeks long course (approx. a semester), but due to the modular nature of the program, it is actually possible to break it down to suit your needs. The program includes both the physical parts (the actual toolbox kit with 700+ parts) and the e-learning platform access (with tutorials, code, troubleshooting, forum, webinars). The parts are re-usable.

Here is the product page: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoCTC101
Here is the video overview of the program
Here is David's Cuartielles talk about the CTC 101 at BETT London: Bett 2017: A Hands-On Look at CTC 101 - YouTube
Here is the Arduino Education page (where we publish events and initiatives): Arduino Education

The product would be available for purchase by the end of today in our US store.

I can also share a promotional brochure if you drop me an email to v dot chinnici [at] bcmi-labs dot cc



I would like to consider using this in the Fall with a high school class I work with here in Vermont.

Some budgeting / reality check questions:

Approximately $2100 for one class of 30 students??

How much is reuseable for a later class?? Are any replacement items available?

What is CTC Classic?? Can a classroom that has many UNOs and parts participate in some other way?


Dear Terryking228,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The kit will cost 2000 USD for 30 students + a teacher.

The kit is entirely re-usable for the class (we provide you with the plastic storage boxes, bags to store the ongoing projects plus a small box to store your smallest components).

The full kit has approximately 715 parts, all of them can be re-used.


  • Six Arduino 101 boards (a microcontroller with programmable inputs and outputs that allow users to create interactive electronics),
  • Six Education Shields (a unit that is placed on top of an Arduino board to simplify connecting electronic components),
  • Set of sensors (includes light sensors, button inputs, knock sensors, potentiometers, touch/capacitive sensors, tilt sensors, infrared array, a joystick, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope),
  • Quick-connect modules (with necessary components onboard), and last but not least, connectors and various components (other items needed to complete electronics assembly).
  • MDF laser cut parts for the individual experiments

Yes, we will offer also additional boxes with components (if you want to get additional replacement parts).

The CTC Classic is not currently for sale. It was the older iteration of the CTC based on the UNO board instead of the 101.

The CTC 101 has a few parts that are custom made for the program, plus it allows a full access to the e-learning platform. We do not currently offer any other form of participation other than the CTC 101.

If you need further information, feel free to drop me an email.



  • Six Arduino 101 boards (a microcontroller with programmable inputs and outputs that allow users to create interactive electronics),

Since Intel has announced End-Of-Life for the Arduino 101 board what is the status of the CTC-101 kit?

Dear Artisticforge,

The CTC 101 will still be manufactured by us (Arduino). The 101 has been discontinued by Intel, but we will keep it in our catalogue.

We actually launched a new version of the CTC 101 on top of the FULL version:

  1. ARDUINO CTC 101 PROGRAM FULL: Arduino CTC 101 Program - FULL — Arduino Official Store
  2. ARDUINO CTC 101 PROGRAM SELF-LEARNING (New): Arduino CTC 101 Program - Self Learning — Arduino Official Store

The difference between the two programs consist of the live training sessions with our Arduino experts.
The Full program includes also online webinars with the Arduino experts, and live Q&A sessions.
The Self-Learning program instead doesn't offer the online webinars but only the access to the e-learning platform, toolbox kit and support forum.

The Self-Learning program is targeted to expert users who don't require additional support with us. Or educators/teachers who have been trained already and require new kits.

If you wish to learn more about the CTC 101 program you still have time to sign up for our online webinars!

This is the last week to learn more about the CTC101 program!

Sign up for the upcoming webinar about CTC 101:
Webinar in English,
Webinar en Español,
Webinar in Italiano.