Data transfer from one arduino ethernet shield to another using LAN cable

Hi, I want to transfer my car data from one Arduino ethernet shield to another using a cable without any internet? But I don't know how to. Can someone please help me out and give me some ideas as I am really new to this? it would be really helpful.

you can use a crossover cable and connect the two ethernet shielded Arduinos directly. Otherwise you will connect them with a switch.

Then you have to decide if you want to use UDP or TCP.
If you decide for TCP, you can even use HTTP

Afterwards you have to decide if Arduino A initiates the communication or Arduino B initiates the communication. Based on YOUR design, you define which Arduino is the Client - which one is the Server.

Now you have 6 ideas (see the link and the bold words), and you should read / google about it.
If there is any specific question left, ask.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
As I am starting now, I want to transfer my car data between two Arduino ethernet shields just through a cable from Arduino A to Arduino B, without using HTTP even if I use ethernet shields. I want to check if I can transfer data using a cable first, and then I will try using HTTP.
I hope you will reply to this.

I can reply, but you haven't formulated any new question.

With at least one of the Arduino Ethernet shields, certainly a W5x00 one, there is a problem with auto negotiation such that two Arduinos cannot talk to each other using a cable and you have to use a switch.

I can not find the thread about it at present, but it is something to beware of.