Deal Extreme, Ali-Express or Ebay?

Been reading various horror stories about Ali-Express.

Anyone bought components using that website?

I guess E-Bay is a bit safer, what about DealExtreme?

I don't know about other sites, but DX is OK.
Takes some time for stuff to arrive to the Netherlands from China (between 5 and 21 days) after they have been sent out the door at DX.
Chinese new year means a week no work done over there and about another week to get rid of that delay, but that's once a year.
Have had some trouble, but no "dealbreakers".
Only problem i have right now, is a "crius" OLED screen that just doesn't work.
DX has sent me an other unit at no extra cost and without the need to return the first one, so i now have 2 non working displays.
All i can say is that their after sales is good enough, just a bit slow at times.
Packaging could be better, you might receive some items with bent pins.
Keep in mind that you'll be ordering from China so don't think you'll get top quality.
But you can use those items, and if they would break you just order another one and still be off at lower cost.

Have been ordering for about 1000 US Dollars over the last 3 years, and will be doing so for some time i guess.
I'm having a look at the new items about every day and if i find something i like, i'll just order it to see what it's about.

Bear in mind that any board described as a genuine Arduino is very likely not.

Yup, they will be Ardunio clones most likely.

I've been using DX occasionally in recent years, and it seems to me that the delivery time just are getting longer and longer.

My last order, a MP3 player, was delivered after 3 month. !!
You can complain to their customer service, but their answers are pretty standard: "We are sorry, we wil be better in the future"


has some of the same stuff, and delivery is much faster

If you are looking for cheap and reliable:

They even have Attiny's

Ive seen tayda electronics mentioned before, ill definitely check out FastTech.

Thanks for the links.