Decode PELCO-D PTZ commands to switch relays remotely over internet whith DVR

Decode PELCO-D PTZ (Pan - Tilt - Zoom) protocol commands to switch relays remotely over internet with DVR's RS-485 output. Trough monitor client software in Windows or android app. Control over the world!

Uff! Is hard to explain, hello i am newby there!, Josemigu my nick, and escuseme if is a wrong place to present my project.

I am from Chile, in south america, and sorry for my English, i espect to understand to me.

Principal idea is to switch loads as lamps remotely by pressing comands in android app or PC software, both provided for DVR (Digital Video Recording) manufacturer, nothing so much hardware to build... Only an arduino and a RS485 to TTL cheap converer.

... Cooming soon

Continuing the explanation .. the project allows to activate or deactivate the lamps, an irrigation device, the water valve for the puppy so that it does not die of thirst .... Xd... or any connected electrical device, in addition and for security reasons, when leaving the house alone in holiday times, for thieves to think that there are people in the house

To be continued...

Is this how you talk to your friends?


Paul_KD7HB: Is this how you talk to your friends?


Hi Paul, what do you mean?

Components Needed:

Arduino Uno

A Cellphone w/ App for video and control ( gogle play, manufacturer of DVR provided)

P.C. Whith video and control Software (provided for DVR manufacturer)

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with RS485 Output |500x382

Max485 to TTL converter

Some Relays

Hi Josemigu, did you finished this project? Can you share arduino code?