Digital detection of current.

Heloo , so im new to arduino but i actualy know some advanced stuff, so you can say to me complicated things that i think i will understand.

( I'm portuguese btw sry if i spell something wrong )

Im currently working on some costum tail lights and i want to detect if current is coming from the original car wires, ill put an image example here i think it will be easier to understand.

I dont know how i will do the connection and the setup code for it
I dont want it to be analog i want it to be just true or false if the current is flowing or not.

And i know i have to lower the current to 5v

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thing is, current isn't coming from wires and does not have the unit Volt....

Do you mean you want to detect 12V? If so, is that 12V referenced to a shared GND? And is really pulled to 0V? If so, just use a +-50k resistor and your done.

Otherwise it might be better to use an opto.

For both options you can find a shit-ton of topics here :slight_smile:

The 12v have is own ground wire, can i discard it and just conect the 12v cable ( with the resistor ) in the arduino and set it has input?

No. I think the simplest solution is an opto. Google it :wink: