Digital RCU tester

I consider myself a hobbiest, so my knowledge here is limited. At my dayjob I have these powersupplies that have an serial output for their RCU controllers through a single wire connected to an external socket. I am trying to design a 4 led testing unit so I can do field test on these. My question is where should I start equipment wise to:

1 read the outputs (4 direction controller)
2 convert the outputs to something that could transmit to the LEDs

If it helps there are 2 transmitter in the unit is a CC2510-F8 and a CC2543. Any resource would help.

Those are wireless ICs
How does that relate to the one wire serial connection?

The RCU is transmitting to that board, there is a 4 wire connector on the same board that transmits to another board which carry the signal to the serial wire, the serial wire then carries to the motor unit and based on what is pressed changes the rotation of the motors in the final unit.

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I am going ask what is possibly a stupid question.

  1. What is RCU?
  2. What power supplies?
  3. What does it have to do with motor control?
  4. What does the system do.

Please assume we know zilch about what you have?
Some pictures may help.

Can you post links to spec/data of the power supplies please?
Can you draw a basic diagram explaining the system?

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@TomGeorge Sorry! Jumped the gun a bit. I hope these post in order. I tried my best to consolidate the pictures. The unit is a vacuum for pools. The full technical data is unfortunately withheld by company policies. The unit functions as follows:

  1. Remote control unit is turned on while vacuum is working. This kills the programmed controls to the motors and allows override with the RCU
  2. Pump motors operate and unit waits for RCU input
  3. Depending on what button of the 4 is pressed unit will move move the motors together or in opposite directions (independent input codes I imagine?)

The main idea is to test the RCU transmitter at the power supply socket, and at the cable connector for the suction unit by using 4 LEDS for the signals.


Vacuum, suction unit (center black box), Drive motors (black boxes in corners)

(sorry for the multiple posts, but the site will not allow me to post more than 1 image per post) RCU controller and internal

RCU receiver board:

Power supply board. 4 pin connector on board is for the RCU board. 3 Pin connector is power and the single red wire mentioned that carries the comm to the suction unit

get a HF-Scanner and check the audible transmission.

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