direct drive 10 x 10 matrix help needed

hi all, I have been working on a led matrix. it is very basic10 x 10 with all cathodes in each row connected and all anodes in each column connected. I have wired it up to arduino in a direct drive setup without transistors or ic's using all analog and digital pins. I have tested each led and have turned off and on each led from arduino using digitalWrite. and all led are mounted in a pegboard and I used radioshack pretinned copper wire to make all connections. yes I used resistors! and I do understand about turning the led's off and on sequentially with little or no delay so that arduino does not have to power more that 1 at a time. I do have plans to add npn transistors as soon as they get here in the mail.

I am ready to move into motion and animation and letters scrolling with the matrix

can you guys give me suggested reading? or a sample 10 x 10 sketch?
arrays? specific links and tips would be great.

Thanks all.

Rather than looking for specifically a 10x10 example, you'll be more likely to find useful examples that are a different size -
8x8 and 8x16 are more likely to exist I would guess - the same principles apply. A couple of '595 shift registers might be a useful
approach to reducing the pin count needed (an Arduino Mega would have plenty of pins of course).