DIY Plotter (again :) )

Finally I had some time to finish my new plotter.

To build it I have used parts from one old scanner (x and y belt drive) and head holder from old printer. To up and down a pen one servo is used.

The "brain" is of course an Arduino and motor shield.

I also have written a software to control it. The software imports HPGL (plt) files, generates preview and controls the plotter.

Everything can be powered from usb but for higher speeds I use external power supply.

I will release source code when it works as I want.

Sweet machine! Looks only a hairs width away from a basic lasercutter for stencils and such.


Thats great - you could attach an etch resistant pen and draw your own PCBs!

Great looking plotter. I'm curious if you are going to release your code. I've built myself a plotter running on a modified form of the reprap firmware but I'm having trouble hacking in servo control for the pen. Might just be easier to use your library if you are game to put it out there.

If you are interested here is the source code: