Do I need male to female jumper wires in order to use my I2C?

I just bought an I2C adapter for my LCD. I noticed that the pins for the GND, VCC, SDA, and SCL are all male. Do I need to buy male to female jumper wires in order to connect this to my breadboard, or is there another way?

If you want to be able remove the male connector later, buy a female header and solder it to your breadboard.

No, the holes in the breadboard are female. Just plug it in!

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But that's the problem, I don't have any soldering equipment so any soldering is not an option. That means both the LCD and the I2C adapter facing up on the breadboard, but the 4 pins are on the side will be facing sideways, so I cannot plug it in. (see picture below)

(sorry for the bad quality)

Is there such thing as a female to female header so that I can just plug it into the I2C itself and keep it there?

Sorry, I get it now.

It's normal to mount the adapter behind the LCD, not below it like that. With one of mine, I then used small pliers to carefully straighten the 4 pins. I could then plug them into the breadboard. If you don't do that, then yes, you're going to need some female to male jumper wires.

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Then it’s academic.

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What do you mean by this?

Then you need a cable.

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oh ok thank you

Unless I have lost the plot. Accept my apologies.

your photo in #4 shows backpack with male pins pointing down. pin #1 on the left
And LCD with male pins pointing down, pin #1 on the left.

Plug the LCD pin #1 into J1 on your breadboard. #16 into J16.
Plug the backpack pin #1 into F1. #16 into F16
buy four male-female jumper wires. Attach females to the SDA, SCL, VCC, GND pins on backpack. And male ends to SDA, SCL, 5V, GND pins on the Arduino.

If you are careful, you can probably connect plain wire to SDA, SCL on backpack. And plain wire from H1 to GND on Uno. H2 to 5V on Uno.

I would advise you to just buy a pack of jumper cables (of all sexes). Or invest in a soldering iron.


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Thank you. I just bought a variety pack of jumper wires from Amazon!

Please note that the header pins - or header sockets must be soldered to the PCB.

Not infrequently someone posts having trouble with a module, most often an LCD display and we eventually find they have not actually soldered the header to the module. If the module lifts easily off the header pins when mounted, it is not connected and will not actually operate.

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The OP's photos show soldered headers.
The OP has ordered ready-made Dupont jumpers.

So everything should be fine.
While waiting for the jumpers to arrive, the OP should be able to connect 5V, GND with single core wire. And make temporary connection to SDA, SCL on the backpack. Stuffing some foam packing around the wire + pin should make "good enough" contact.

I would never trust multiple "wrapped/twisted" contacts e.g. on a 16x2 module. But there are only two signals to bodge.


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