Do not see Tools menu in Arduino application


I am brand new to the world of Arduino. I am yet to buy the hardware but I thought I would check out the software first. I am running Mac OS 10.4. I downloaded Mac OS Arduino and was following the directions on this page:

I got up to Step 6 - Open Blink example.

Now I'm ready for Step 7 and I don't have anything that looks like the gui pictured. The Blink example does not have any toolbars above in the gray area that say "Sketch", "Tools", "Help".

It is blank.

Is this because I have no board plugged in or is this something wrong with the software that I just downloaded?

Please help. I don't want to spend money on hardware that I can't use because the software isn't working.

Thank you.

Can you post a screen shot of your screen?


Here is my screen - thanks!

Picture 1.png

I downloaded this today from under Mac OS X and that's what you get.

Notice how it says "Firefox" in the top left? This means Firefox is "active," or the currently running program. Therefore, Mac OSX will display the menu for Firefox. Click on the Arduino icon in your dock, and the Arduino app will become active. Now you should all the menus. To switch back to Firefox, click on it in the dock.

There it is! What a newbie error! :roll_eyes: Thanks so much Baum!

Have a great day!