Does anyone know what needs to be UL listed

seems to be a real gray area on the web. If I made an arduino based product that I wanted to sell for use in a commercial environment but runs on batteries would I need to go through the UL process. Seems like if there is no high voltage, fire hazard or hazardous materials I wouldent need to but Im still not sure.

These regulation laws can be quite complex and hard to understand and apply. Most electrical devices look for safety requirements in reference to the NEC code (Nation Electrical Code, if in USA), however states and even localities can have different or more restricted codes. Various industries (chemical plants, medical facilities, nuclear sites, etc) have even more regulations/codes.

All that being said, if for normal consumer use, I don't ever recall seeing a UL or CSA rating on most battery power devices. There are however FCC type registration requirements for things that are designed to generate or receive RF signals.

So bottom line is I certainly can't give you a definite answer to your question because it's a very complex topic and depends on a lot of specifics. Maybe some here that work in the real world of consumer product manufacture can do better for you.


I've never contacted them myself but the Small Business Administration may be able to help. Their web site hints that they can either provide advice or connect you with someone who can...

Whatever route you take, please report back. I'm immensely curious.

UL is not a requirement in the U.S. for sales, it is an option standard. It is very expensive to achieve and involves having your factory regularly inspected. Some insurance companies insist that equipment fitted to a building must be UL. UL (Underwriters Laboratory) came about because of the great fire of Chicago and was an attempt to stop it happening again. Battery powerd equipment is defiantly within its remit. Providing it is not an intentional emitter FCC is not so hard to get but requires an external test house.

tubular . . . I have been through the UL, ULC and CE process several times and both retrolefty and Grumpy_Mike are correct in their recommendations.

well thats a relief thanks everyone