Doubt - Wiring ESP8266 ESP-07 and WiFiManager Library Arduino

Hi Everybody

I'm developing a Sketch on Arduino IDE and I am using the WiFiLibrary by Tzapu, but I can't find the wiring for that library on Arduino. Somebody know How could I wiring the ESP8266 ESP-07 module on Arduino to work that.

I am using that devices:

  • ESP8266 ESP-07 Generic Module
  • USB FTDI232RL Converter

Library: ESP8266 WiFi configuration manager library for Arduino IDE

Thank you so much for some help.

Have you done a Google search on ESP-07?

Yes, but nothing to work with my arduino and ESP8266-ESP07. I need to uploada Sketch to ESP2655 - ESP-07 from Arduino 1.6.9.

Could you be to indicate something that work, please.

Thank you.

What does nothing to work mean? What doesn't work?

Are you using an esp8266 only (without an arduino) ??

Hi, I am using just IDE Arduino to upload sketch to ESP8266, I am not using a a Atmega328.

I am using a FTDI RS232RL wired with ESP8266 ESP-07 and IDE ARDUINO.

I have a ESP8266 ESP-06 Generic Model.

Have you installed the esp core for the arudino IDE?

You can see the wiring of the module here: