Dual IR sensor with one controller

there is a library called IRremote.h to control a IR sensor in arduino
is there a way two use more than one sensor with this lib ?

In theory yes.

Please explain what you are trying to do and why, as this will help others get you to a good solution.

i want to connect two or more IR receiver and read the coded value from TV control

If you understand IR technology, you will know that the signals are based on a carrier set at a certain frequency. The receiver module will respond to that frequency that matches the sending device (remote control). You only need one receiver. A receiver is tuned to the specific frequency but can also decode close frequencies (eg, 38MHz receiver can also to 40MHz, but not as well)

If you are trying to receive more than one frequency because you are using more than one remote, then you set up receivers to match the expected frequencies and in the software monitor between the two. This is not usual except when you are trying to build test equipment (see analysIR.com).

i think you didn't understand my question.
i want to add two IR receiver at a time to one arduino board and get the signal from both of them in different location.in this case may be the sender is two different source or the same.
in the ir remote library the input pin is fixed for one receiver is there a way to change it to receive a two
i used bellow code to read the IR sensor

#include <IRLib.h>

int RECV_PIN = 11;

IRrecv My_Receiver(RECV_PIN);

IRdecode My_Decoder;
unsigned int Buffer[RAWBUF];

void setup()
delay(2000);while(!Serial);//delay for Leonardo
My_Receiver.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver

void loop() {
if (My_Receiver.GetResults(&My_Decoder)) {
//Restart the receiver so it can be capturing another code
//while we are working on decoding this one.

As with any class, you create another object with the other pin number. You then need to make sure in your code that both objects are scanning their pins.

This should work but it depends on how the libraries are written. They need to be re-entrant (look it up if you don't know). Easiest is to try it.

The IR receivers I know have open collector outputs with weak pull-up resistors.
That means that you can connect them in parallel.

thanks i will check and inform you

Receivers do work in parallel, give it a try.

I.e., put both of their OUT pins into RECV_PIN

I'm curious how far these receivers will be from your board.