Dust SENSOR Schematic

Can anyone please send the real arrangement of wires on the breadboard of the Dust SENSOR with ARDUINO UNO R3 with the help of this diagram given.


I did it like this...

ARDUINO UNO R3, please. Also the same as the schematic given by me.

please check with what i have done.


Or this.


Image from reply 4:

Looks good so far. What happened when you tried it? Instead of saying "didn't work!" try to explain what you expected to happen and what actually happened. Show your code, in code tags.

Hey Morgan,

I got it from here.

What happened when you tried it?

KRISHMAK3R, stop sending personal messages. I will answer your questions here. If you persist, I will ask a moderator to ban you.

Please, ask a question. Tell us what happened and what you want it to do different.

From your photo it's hard to see but I think you're not connecting the wires to anything like that. They need to be in the same column on the breadboard, not the same row. Only the +ve and -ve rails at the top and bottom connect across, the other holes connect up and down with a break in the centre.

It won't stop it working, but the pulse timing in the code you linked to is wrong too.

Try this…

Hey Andy,

Which side is + on the capacitor?


Will the code be same?



Is that a serious question? As a clue, it’s not the side connected to ground...

please help im new to arduino


i tried from the pic but when i connect the last red wire (voo) the UNO gets off please help

  1. How are you powering the Arduino+sensor?

  2. Do you know, from the sensor datasheet, how much power it requires?

  3. There is no Voo on your original diagram. Please check your connections.

  1. my laptop
    3.sorry its the vcc

If the Arduino powers off then you’ve possibly connected 5v to ground somewhere.