Eagle question on Arduino Nano

Hi, First time I'm going to develop a double sided PCB using Arduino Nano Eagle files and ...honestly a little bit scared if I could get vias of double side to meet each other in an acceptable accuracy.

Is it any way to command Eagle so that all vias come some 1.5 times bigger so both easier to drill in home condition and meeting double side vias please?

Any suggestion, best practices to help me please?

You've got to select the I or Property button for that first. (Top left of the tools)

After clicking an Via, the property-screen will pop-up which gives you the possibility to change the size.

You can change vias manually as suggested above, but if you set the DRC parameters right before routing, the vias will come up the right size automatically. In the DRC dialog, go to the Sizes tab, and set the Minimum Drill box to the minimum drill size you want your vias. Then, during manual and autorouting Eagle will use this size drill for vias.

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If you place vias yourself you can select the drill and pad sizes in the pull-down menu at the time… The selection sticks around for the next one.

You can also change the pad size of vias (without changing the drill size) by changing the minimum width in the “RestRing” dialog of DRC…

The nano has 34 vias. The current design rules have 8mil rings around the holes, and I was unable to increase those even to 10mils without getting other (clearance) errors. The Nano PCB really isn’t a very good candidate for home fabrication…