Environmental Speceifications

I don't see in the technical specifications for any of the Arduino boards. Do they exist anywhere. I really need the upper and lower operating temperatures for the Nana 33 BLE?

You do not find them probably because they were never qualified. Assuming 0-70C may be OK but not guaranteed. All it takes is one part to fail and it will go down. Yes I know many have them working in much worse temperatures, put then in the lucky column. There are ruggedized ones available for a price that are properly qualified.

Section 1.2.1 of the datasheet that is available for download from the Nano 33 BLE product page says this:

1.2.1 Recommended Operating Conditions

Symbol Description Min Max
Conservative thermal limits for the whole board: -40 °C ( 40 °F) 85°C ( 185 °F)

Thank you. I must have read the sheet 5 times and never saw it.


You are welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

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OK now I know why I couldn't find it. That link doesn't exist on the US page. We just get a short version.

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What is the URL of that page?

What is the URL of that version?

I'm asking because I just checked here:
and the "DATASHEET IN .PDF" link points to the same URL as that link on the Europe/Africa version of the product page:

But it would not at all surprise me if there was a mismatch between the two product pages because this is something I have experienced repeatedly in the past.

From the Us sight I get this:


From the link you provided I get this:

The data sheet icon is missing. and the other link to a data sheet gives me next to nothing.

I see it now. It is not about US vs EU. It is about the "with headers" product page vs the other variant of the product that does not come with headers pre-soldered.

Well thanks for finding the real data.

If you scroll a bit further on that page there is a link labeled "Arduino Docs"
click that and it takes you to a page that has the Docs pertaining to that board including the Datasheet.

Yes did you open it an read it. All I get is the same general tech specs as the on the main page.

Yes, Here is what I see:

And yes I clicked the Datasheet link there and saw what @in0 posted

@in0 posted a link to this:

And if you go to the version without headers you will get it.

Which is on the Datasheet in that link. he also posted a link to said datasheet.

The link you are showing is for the Nano 33 BLE. The page for the Nano 33 BLE with headers is the only page that dose not have the link.

I used the link you posted(Nano 33 BLE with headers)
I just wanted to point out that it is there.

But you have the info you needed now so good luck with your project.

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