Error: 13 INTERNAL on compilation

Hey everyone, long time enthusiast, first post...

I've been using the IDE 2.0 Beta since it was released, and I have loved the new features!
I installed it last week onto one of my computers after an old one finally died on me.

When I compile any code, for example even the 'Blink' example, I get an immediate error:
Compilation error: Error: 13 INTERNAL: Received RST_STREAM with code 2 triggered by internal client error: read ECONNRESET


  • This happens on compilation, not just upload
  • I use an UNO most often, so the AVR manager 1.8.3 is installed
  • The error appears no matter whether a board is connected or not
  • The software has been entirely uninstalled and re-installed with no change
  • My other computers with the IDE Beta all seem to work great! I can't replicate the problem on any other computer.
  • Google searches on this issue do result in a few scattered results, but none seem to be Arduino related

Any advice on further debugging information would be helpful!

Hi @davidp77. I'm glad to see your participation on the forum!

This error is likely related to the communication between the Arduino IDE 2.x and Arduino CLI via a gRPC interface. Arduino CLI handles all the non-GUI related tasks for Arduino IDE 2.x.

It seems like maybe either Arduino CLI is shutting down or else the port they communicate through is being closed.

I don't know for sure what is causing the communication breakdown between the two applications. It will be helpful if we can get more information. Some improved error reporting has been added to the Arduino IDE since the time of the 2.0.0-beta.4 release. So I recommend you to try the nightly build of the Arduino IDE 2.x to see if that will provide a more detailed error message. You can download it from here:

If you do get a better error message with the nightly, please post the full and exact text here. If that doesn't help us out, I can recommend a different troubleshooting strategy to you.

Hello @pert and thanks for the idea, sorry for the delay in reply.

In the past week, I installed first the latest release of the IDE to beta version 5 to see if anything would change, but then per your suggestion, I just installed the most recent nightly build (20210419).

The text of the error message appears to be unchanged:
Compilation error: Error: 13 INTERNAL: Received RST_STREAM with code 2 triggered by internal client error: read ECONNRESET

If there are further troubleshooting tools, I'd be happy to see what I can do to help nail down the issue.

I just wanted to return back with an update, in case anyone else is dealing with this error.

I installed the Beta 2.0 version 6 this evening, and it appears to be compiling codes just fine.

Apparently, some update between version 5 and 6 addressed the issue! I do not have any idea what the issue was or why it occurred, but it does seem to be solved in the beta version 6. Thanks to the Dev Team, you guys rock!

Off to update some more inventions!

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I'm very glad to hear this @davidp77. Thanks for taking the time to post an update.

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