Errors uploading with 1.6.8 but not with 1.6.7

My environment:
Windows 10
Arduino 1.6.8
Adafruit Trinket Pro 3V
FTDI Cable

I am frequently getting errors on upload that seem to be Java related when using 1.6.8, but I do not get these errors when using 1.6.7.

I have installed JavaRa to remove all Java versions but the problem still exists. My sketch is quite large, so I tried it with one of the tiny example sketches and the problem still occurs. I have attached the rerrors in a .jpg file.

When the error occurs, simply waiting a few seconds and trying upload again sometimes works. Alternately. I can unplug the USB cable and replug it to get it going again.

The error occurs about 20% of the time that I start upload.

This is a known bug Arduino IDE 1.6.8 - Can't open device error while uploading (No issue in 1.6.7) · Issue #4700 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub that has already been fixed in the hourly build. So you can continue using 1.6.7 or previous versions of the Arduino IDE or try the hourly build if you're feeling adventurous.

Thank you very much... Hourly build here I come.