esp 01 switch and led

I am trying to build a simple wireless "on-air" sign for my door when I am recording something.
I have a couple of esp 01 and thought that I could build a wireless version with a button on my desk.
In theory, this should be very easy, there must be a simple example or tutorial where someone is just using two esp 01 and a simple switch and led, but I have been looking for two weeks now and tried different things but can't find what I am looking for.
maybe someone can point me in the right direction or knows of a simple example that does exactly that
thanks very much in advance, and have a nice day.

This may help Getting Started with ESP-NOW (ESP8266 NodeMCU with Arduino IDE) | Random Nerd Tutorials

ooooh, I can use NodeMCU code with an esp 01 ?!
kinda makes sense, they use the same chip, I think.
Thanks, that's probably what I needed :slight_smile:

I can use NodeMCU code with an esp 01 ?!

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