Esp8266 8 relay

I am new in this, I bought this arduino microcontroller wifi, with 8 relay channels integrated, It supposed that could be programmed easily downloading one app , but it do not stop turning on and off secuencely all the relays. I leave this video, someone has any clue?


Yes, it’s because you are looping the code that you did not post.

Do you have Idea how to reset it?

Yes, the code you ‘did not share’ needs to have a Flag added so it can control/disable the sequence when it is time to do so.

It COULD be that the OP has not yet succeeded in uploading any of their own code, and the board is running example code.

Have you got a link to the actual board that you purchased? I see some similar boards sold on eBay and Bangood, where ... documentation is not their strong point. :frowning:

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