ESP8266 Ultimate DevBoard - CBDB Evolution

As you know, mostly of the existing ESP Boards are just some sort of breakout or breadboard adapters for ESP8266 Modules with or without a regulator on board.

Do you remember the CBDB story?

Because of the big interest raised by the CBDB project, a fresh new DevBoard was born:

And because of the onboard capabilities I can call it a true IOT Development Board:

Easy AP/Client Wifi Access
Easy Firmware Programming
Easy Software Development
18 bit ADC
12 bit DAC
Voltage Measurement
Current Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Real Time Clock
High Resolution LCD COG Display with direct sunlight reading
User Definable Buttons
On Board 3.3V Regulator

How many of you were dreaming about something like that in your Uni labs even 10 years ago? :slight_smile:

Waiting your thoughs about :wink:

3_2 - CBDB v2 - Building - STEP 2 - PSU-TEST_OK - 3_2.jpg

4 - CBDB v2 - PCB -TOP FULL - RTC - 4jpg.jpg

4_1 - CBDB v2 - PCB -Bottom FULL - RTC - 4_1.jpg

Part 2 of the the new (CBDB v2 Evolution Development Board Series)

This time we will take a look at the firmware programming process options and running our first test programm on this new Board.

Manual Programming with jumper select:

Automated process with RTS/DTR lines for auto RST/bootloading:

First test RUN on the fresh programmed DevBoard:

For more details about this project:

2 - CBDBv2 Evolution - with EXT modules inplace - 2.jpg

An example of Arduino IDE Setup for direct programming and firmware uploading on the new ESP8266 CBDBv2 Evolution DevBoard. No user intevention needed, no buttons to press :)

Awesome!! We're working to integrate the ESP on Souliss Framework.


juanpintom: Awesome!! We're working to integrate the ESP on Souliss Framework.


Nice project!

If interested, please contact us directly at tech at for a free CBDBv2 Development Board.

As you know

That’s a bit presumptuous…

juanpintom: Sure!! Where I can contact? Directly on the comments? Ty for your work!

I shared this interesting board on Souliss Project! Sure people like it!


You have PM. Let's keep the thread clean :)