Extending arduino wires

I want to use my Arduino Uno to control various sensors and things around a room. For instance, there is a 5V LED light strip on one end of the room that I want to be able to control with the Arduino that is on the other. I can hook this up easily if the light strip is next to the arduino and it works as you would expect, but is it possible to achieve this when the light strip is across the room, say 5 meters away? How could I wire it up so that it works just the same? I haven't tried anything because I am very inexperienced with electronics and don't want to make something that isn't safe.

Whether you can extend signal wires depends on the communication protocol, the speed of the communication and the type of wiring. Long parallel wires have capacitance that distort the signals, and the problem gets worse as the communication speed increases.

For more information, post links to the product page or data sheet for your light strips and your code, using code tags.

I’m planning on using this light strip from Adafruit.

As JR said, the cable capacitance will degrade the digital signal from the Arduino to the LED strip. Anything more than one or two meters is iffy.

Also note that you cannot power the LED strip from the 5V pin on the Arduino. As in the Adafruit photo, the LED strip is powered directly from a power supply.

Also., use at least 18 gauge wires for the LED strip power. This is what I use:

LED Wire.jpg

Last. Test everything on the bench including the power and data wires before making any permanent installations.

LED Wire.jpg

You can control power at a distance by locating an opto-isolated relay at the load, providing 5V DV there for the relay, and having Arduino drive the LED inside the relay driver over twisted pair, CAT5 etc.

Some info: ArduinoPower - ArduinoInfo
RelayIsolation - ArduinoInfo