Any chance of having a way of marking a post as solved? I am aware it is really good if you get indexed by google, and you search for an answer for something, if it comes up with lets say [Solved] in the link, you know you have a good chance of getting the info you want rather than seeing the same question asked a million times with no response. Also this will discourage people who havent read the topic from posting if they really don't have anything new to add.

All the tools are already here! :astonished:
(1) the OP can edit the subject line, adding [SOLVED] in front. I noticed a few threads where this was done.
(2) the OP can lock the thread. I suppose if you have something really important you could them PM the OP.

So, would a “convinience button” that does the above too help? Possibly, a little I think. I notice that in a fifth or so of threads the OP adds a ThankYou or other conclusion post to their thread.

That is precisely what I was thinking about.

To add the [SOLVED] tag you must edit the FIRST post of the topic and change the subject, you can do that if you are the author. Try with this one. If you are not the author, write a PM to him asking to do so

If all of the above fails, you can ask to an admin but, please, keep this as the very last resource we are always overloaded :)

If all of the above fails, you can ask to an admin but, please, keep this as the very last resource we are always overloaded

Don't go there. There have been a number of people volunteer to help with the moderator/admin functions, but all have been ignored. If you're so busy, it's your own fault.

Good thing there’s no karma buttons any more :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree with you though.

When are we getting some more mods?
Apparently it will be soon
Can you be any more specific?

David C. guaranteed me that before the end of the week he's going to hire moderators. I'm waiting too... ;)

anyway, the fact that admins are busy is true always (whatever their number :p)

mowcius: Good thing there's no karma buttons any more :p

Aha! Now you want it, eh?!

the whole karma issue definitfly was a fun experiment though ... anyway. I think a button for "solved" would encourage people to do it more (I have gone back to edit topics, but I think people would be more likely to do it, if they had a button...) also, a "this answers my question" button like in the processing forum (which, actually, is horrible imho) would be nice.

I agree that from the UI perspective it is a cool feature to have. I have to say that there is a mod for SMF that is meant to do this, but it is not really compatible with our current configuration and I will not implement it unless I can be 100% it is not going to break something else.

I add it as feature request and I must say that:

  • the hunt for good moderators has already started
  • it is possible to edit the first post and mark it as "solved"