Find the Arduino in this circuit[ch8207]

Find the Arduino in this circuit[ch8207].

Bonus points if you can put together an Eagle file for it.


lol holy water makes a killer ground.
this is pretty much the best schematic ever.

Holy water?
Be careful - that stuff burns!

Another example of why xkcd is one of the funnest things on the planet.

My favorite parts are the “decoy” 5 Ohm resistor, the “Pull this wire really tight”, “Not a resistor; wire just does this”, and where the wiring breaks out into hydrogen and carbon ;D!

I like the flux capacitor…

I like the cloverleaf; then again, the 1 ohm resistor “network”…

/I think I’ve built one of those before…


The solder blob is more my style.

tear collector gives me the most lulz here

Oo I found the arduino! I thought it was a joke and not really in there! Every time I look I see something new :D. This may just have to somehow become my wallpaper!

Oo I found the arduino!

Time to try for the bonus points then!

You know somebody will try!

i like the ‘touch tongue here’ … perhaps adding a touch Censor would be cool. ‘666 timer’ lol!

That hurts my head but it’s genius.

Moral rectifier! ;D

Don’t let the magic smoke out!

Thanks to paying tribute to an old army/navy explanation of how electronics really works. All ICs and other componoents contain a finite amount of smoke, which if released causes circuit failure. :smiley:


I like the flip-flop (Or regular sandal!)
I’m missing the “flux capacito” ?

It’s right above “I-95” :).

It’s not a label, just a picture :).


Don’t let the magic smoke out!

Actually I had an inverter circuit vent magic smoke yesterday, but continued to work fine at full voltage and power :wink: A testament to my magic powers (or perhaps to the schottky diode being a dual one, built in redundancy)

I accidentally let the magic smoke out of some Pn2222 Transistors yesterday :). My first magic smoke incident, and I wasn’t in the room at the time :P.

I came in to a smelly cloud of electronic magic ;D!

Luckily a ceiling fan and an open window helped get it all out in about 6 hours hahaha.

arduino just for blog…