Fitting a MOSFET onto a breadboard

I need to use a MOSFET in one of my projects but the pins are too large for breadboards.

Is there an adapter for this?


Solder-less breadboard ?

You might have luck turning the legs 90°.

If you use a large MOSFET you probably plan to use a lot of current. That may melt your breadboard in case of a poor connection (which is likely with a solderless BB).

I tend to temporarily solder small stiff copper wire, or spare jumpers / headers to things like this for prototyping.

As others have said, beware current limits on your breadboard

Which is to say twisting each by 90°. :sunglasses:

Mind you, actually explaining what you are trying to do might be a good idea.

You can easy make an adpter for that, but i have used mosfets on breadboard many times and that works fine. Just push them in there. :slight_smile: Breadboards are cheap so no worry.

Or you vcan just solder the legs of an mosfet to a 3-pin male header like this:

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