Flashing hw30a esc with simonk

Most tutorials that i found use an atmel programming chip, or solder some wires on the esc, but I cant find the atmel chip and my board doesnt have pins to solder the wires. I found this tutorial that the solder happens on the atmega chip (Reprogramando (Flashing) o ESC - SimonK - YouTube), but it is in spanish. I think base on the schematic for my chip i found (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NicksonYap/XXD-HW30A-ESC-Schematic/master/images/schematic.png), i have to solder mosi on pin 15, miso on 16, sck on 17, reset on 29 and i dont know about vcc and gnd.
a) Will this work?
b)there are 3 gnd pins and 3 vcc pins which one do i choose?
c) Just to be sure, if the letters on the chip are not reversed or upside down, the chip is on the same orientation as the one in the schematic, right?

Here is a picture of the esc, if it helps IMG_20210902_111125|666x500

edit: i just figured out about vcc and gnd, they are pins 4,6(vcc), 5,21(gnd) [according to the video]

Hi Mr. @paulosk1

The aforementioned video is in Portuguese!!!
Confusing Spanish with Portuguese is the same as confusing English with German.

It is in Portuguese spoken in Brazil. Slightly different from Portuguese spoken in other Portuguese speaking countries.

RV mineirin

yeah, I noticed it after i posted the topic. Still I dont speak portuguese.

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