Free project boxes

Who doesn't love getting parts that come in great project boxes?

What's the best project box you've gotten for free?
Time to show them off.

I have used Tupperware. Maybe not free, but darn cheap. Sucrets tins come to mind, too. I also 3D print my project cases. Again, not free, but low cost and can be made custom shapes and colors.

Nice. I especially like the Sucrets tin.
The best cheap boxes I've purchased are 4" X 7" X 7/8" pencil boxes for about a buck and a half.

Cardboard shipping boxes. Really!


I usually save those tiny cardboard boxes for packing ebay items to ship but now you got me eyeing the pile. :eyes:

The cardboard boxes that high-end phones (iPhone, Pixel, etc) are really nice.

a long time ago I saw here a TicTac box as a case.
That is very smart solution.

And tasty

I bought a portable game emulator and media player before smartphones hit full stride. It came with a great cardboard box with a hinged lid and a magnetic closure. I want to say it was about 5" x 9" x 2.5". I used it for my dice collection but it would have made a great project box.
Even use wooden cigar boxes? I buy them from a local shop for a few bucks and use them for brick-a-brack but I have a blocky LED clock radio to build that would do quite well in a cigar box.

Gotta love reusable packaging!

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What's the best one you ever got @gemmaetc ?

yes this is good for my project but is not pro enough to sell

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