FreeTronics 4x4x4 no response - upload fine


Here is the setup I currently have. I have gotten past the Error 1 issue.

The following is under a directory called Arduino:

Under a Folder in ARDUINO, I have

cube4 > cube4 – master

hardware > FreeTronix USB Drivers

Leonardo Drivers


Is this correct? What am I missing....I am running win 10 and went back from IDE 1.8.8 to 1.0.6 thinking IDE is not backward compatible.....

I seem to be able to upload as the Verify/Upload comes out clean, but I only get rapid blue light, some movement of the LEDs: a slight flash, and that is it....

Any ideas?



P.S. did not see a related post.

This is all done with uploading the TestPattern program

Freetronics has their own forum. I think that you will have a better chance there.

Thanks a bunch.....I will post there also.......this has been a nightmare.......

From what I can see, there are 4-5000 views but no one answers...In 2016, someone posted almost the same thing. No response from anyone or FreeTronics......wonder if I spent $100 wrong......

but I only get rapid blue light, some movement of the LEDs: a slight flash, and that is it....

After power on, does it exhibit the same behaviour again? Or does it no do anything anymore?

I seem to be able to upload as the Verify/Upload comes out clean

Can you still upload?

I have no idea, above are some ideas.

You had to solder some stuff yourself (leds?). Sure you did not put something the wrong way around?

I have rebooted, and all the normal things. My soldering is correct without a doubt. I have way too much experience and have checked it over and over, there are no issues there. The IDE 1.0.6 verifies/uploads fine with no errors. The bottom half blinks slightly, about 7-8 LEDs. It does not go into the TestPattern like it is suppose to. The bottom blue light blinks, but it never turns red/green. It is always blue while blinking, I know, I have had it upside down. I am not sure if the bootloader was corrupted during manufacture and why the downloaded bootloader won't work either.....This is all I know. I am sure I have all the files in the right places but still no go...........Hope this helps some...

Ok, I will write this off as a loss of about $100. Thought I was dealing with a reputable company but no response from them nor on their forum. I learned a hard lesson here as the "3" I bought were Xmas presents to my grand-daughter, my inlaws, and one for me. I have one that works when plugged in, but am afraid of trying to upload any other programs to it. I haven't built the other one yet as, seems to me .. just a waste of time....A 1 star on ebay if I had gone there. No more. I just quit trying to figure this out. I think it is a bootloader mfg error and I am paying for it. I just quit.

Thanks for all your help.

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It's not a bootloader issue if you can upload code. You have a broken one that you can use to test that; just try to upload an example sketch to the broken one to test the bootloader functionality.

I know, I have had it upside down.

You mean that you assembled it wrong. Good chance that you blew something up; in which case you're the one to blame.