FYI Saleae 1.29 out of Beta testing


1.2.9 released, the Saleae software is out of beta.

I just tried my old Logic 16 on the new version 1.29, works on Windows 10.



Any major changes?

Bug fixes from Beta 1.27

Huge differences from 1.15

Of course there are new features to support the new Logic Pro 8/16.
I only have their old Logic 16

Nice 'protocol' features and 'measurement' features.

I'll have to check it out on Logic 8 under Win7Pro one of these nights.



Thanks for the info. I run it in linux.
It felt cheesy, but after I switched off the "Animate Zooming", it was running perfect. I use the scrollwheel on my mouse a lot to look into pulses.

I see it has both 32 and 64 bit version for Linux.

I don't mind the "Animate Zooming".

Are you saying the option screws up on Linux?

No, the options are perfectly fine in linux. The default setting was with the very cheesy zooming animation, that felt as if my computer was slow and it made me dizzy :o