Generate VGA signal by arduino?

Please take a look at this project

Can anyone give me a little hint about VGA-signal (Image not Text) from Arduino?
In this case Arduino can generate signal directly, I didn't see any others VGA module

.....Any more URL or Web are thanks

This: Video Game Shield | Wayne and Layne
Does graphics and text..

Several others just do text overlay of existing video...

There is the TVout library which can generate images directly - take a look at the Hackvision from nootropic.

hey xlinx,

mark here :slight_smile: - Tamas Kemenczy && I developed naive software to do this and we've document some of it with schematics/code - (a little bit out of date but it gives you an idea)

It's by no means the most efficient or best approach but it works for us - ymmv.. happy coding!

That is fun, and then one day, when I understand what it does…

Where does people get their ideas, and how do they know what they are doing? I feel so simple.