Good PCB desgin software

Any suggestions I hopefully freeeware or low cost circuit board layout software?

I have a project and need to make a layout.


I use eagle

Cadsoft Eagle.

Most people use Eagle, it ain't the best but it's good and it's free for smallish boards.


Smallish being 80mm x 100mm, and you can get a lot of parts on a board that size!

Have a look at Design Spark PCB. It's free and has no size limitations.

KiCAD is open source.

If you run Windows, I prefer Target3001!.

-Enjoy fh : )_~

I started with Kicad because it's open source but I soon became aware that Eagle seems to be the "defacto" standard for most DIY projects found on the web. Being a newbie at electronics I often try to find a circuit design I can adapt to my needs. Doing this also has the advantage of being able to get a feel for layout design. There are also a large number of tutorials for Eagle that I've found very useful. And I haven't yet exceeded the size limit.

Couldn't get used to Eagle, using DipTrace nowadays and trying to get into KiCad (according to Laen from OSHPark--formerly called the DorkbotPDX PCB service--KiCad has overtaken Eagle in popularity with hobbyists submitting boards to his service)

i would also say that Cadsoft Eagle is the best PCB Design Software available. Its the most complex schematic editor and the new version v6 is easy to use for beginners.

Dont think Eagle is free for any size board in Europe


I also prefer using Eagle CAD. Some times ago I had used Ares and ISIS :D but then change to Eagle It's easy to start.You can find good tuturials on youtube and start developing your own circuits